Livin' LOUD 4 You!

FINALLY, Livin' LOUD for You is DONE and available!  We know, this CD took forever!  The songs were written over several years (see photos below), in the midst of so much life, travel, ministry, and craziness!  Most of the songs were written for ministries and church Vacation Bible Camps (*see below), so they might ring a bell for many kids out there!

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For those who purchase a "hard copy" CD, you'll notice we changed to an eco-friendlier packaging—a cardboard booklet instead of the bulky plastic jewel case.  We really didn't have room to write in all the credits, so I'd like to mention some folks who contributed here.

Lead vocals:  Jana Alayra
Child solo on Jeremiah 29:11:  Lily Tompson
Background vocals: Haley Alayra Erbes on "Thank You"; Other songs: Curtis Herron, Tim Neinhuis, Robbie Gorieb, Jana Alayra
Drums and percussion: Ron Alayra
Bass:  Jonathan Ahrens, Ron Alayra
Keys: Ron Alayra, Curtis Herron
Electric Guitars: Tim Nienhuis, Ron Alayra
Acoustic Guitar: Jana Alayra

Kids vocals:

Chase Chavez Charlie Chavez
Jack Graves Madi Graves
Ryan Graves Ashley Lew
Kailey Lew Christopher Lo
Daniel Lo Marisa Lo
Ginger Lujan Sydney Lujan
Delaney Miller Alexandra Grace Cook
Kenneth Cook Hannah Grace Nakata
Sarah Grace Nakata Lily Thompson
Jack Thompson Rosie Thompson
Adrienne Tang Anaya Villarreal
Madeline Yang McKenna Billings


*These songs were written for the following (but 100% owned by us):

  • We Love, We Love - Mariners Church Irvine, CA VBS
  • Livin' LOUD 4 You - EV Free Fullerton, CA VBS
  • Step by Step - Purpose Church Pomona, CA and Central Pennisula Church Foster City, CA
  • Oh, My Shepherd - Royal Family Kids Camp 
  • Goin' Deeper Now - First Baptist Dallas VBS
  • I Want to Make a Difference - Uncharted Waters Sports Camp
  • Oh, the Love God has Shown Us - Mariners Church Irvine, CA VBS
  • Wake Me Up (I Freeze) - United Methodist Church, Houston, TX VBS
  • Grow-Grow-Grow - Trinity Preschool Santa Barbara, CA
  • Jer 29:11 - Uncharted Waters Sports Camp

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Here are some photos from recording sessions over the years: