Free Indeed

Although the sound production is slightly dated (most people don't notice things like this, but techie music people do), producer Denny Bouchard did a beautiful job even back in 1989 making these songs timeless. Favorites include "Free Indeed," "The Good Shepherd" (played at concerts and recently recorded and released by friend and artist Fernando Ortega, "Isaiah 41:10," and  "For Today," a duet led by Fernando Orgtega. 

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The triumph and treasure in this CD is what precipitated it all: when the Lord set me free from an eating disorder which I struggled with from the ages of 16-28 (bulemia). It started as a nasty little habit to keep my weight down in high school, and became a 12 year addiction; a secret, disgusting battle I thought I'd never win. But in 1989 I attended a workshop on spiritual warfare led by a ministry called Freedom in Christ Ministries. I went as a staff volunteer for my church, not in search of answers for my own struggle. But God led me there and opened my eyes to the spirtual war that is waged against every an enemy who will do anything to drive us away from closeness to the Savior. He'll distract, accuse, lie...and I was buying into all those tactics. As soon as I recognized where all those horrible thoughts in my head were coming from, it was over. Finished! I was free!

Jesus says in John 8:31 & 32, "If you abide in My words, then you are truly disciples of Mine, and you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free." Later in verse 36, He says, "if Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed." His truth set me free! I wrote a song about it (with my friend Tim Macres)called "Free Indeed," and is still moves me to sing it.

Even though this recording was made over 20 years ago, it remains a favorite for me, and for many. At the time, I was teaching spanish-speaking second-graders during the day, and was heavily involved with the college/career group at my church many nights of the week. One day a group of us from the college group went to sing at a retirement home, and a soft-spoken young man in the college group named Tim Macres came along to play the piano. Tim and my styles were so similar, we "clicked" instantly. We began co-writing and leading worship with several others on a regular basis at our church. Gradually the praise service we led grew to hundreds and we were strongly encouraged to record the original songs.

My good friend Mary Rice Hopkins introduced me to her producer, Denny Bouchard.  And the history.