Here in Your Hands

Recorded in 1992 and produced by Denny Bouchard, "Here in Your Hands" is Jana's second adult praise album. This CD has been a source of worship, praise and encouragement for many years for thousands of people.  Please read comments below about the history of the songs.  In particular, the song "Friend to Friend," written from the perspective of a friend who lost the battle with cancer now singing triumphantly from heaven, has been a huge source of encouragement at countless funerals and worship services.  The CD also includes three titles from the previous CD (Free Indeed); "Free Indeed," "The Good Shepherd," and "For Today."  

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This CD was an extention of all the worship leading I was doing at the time. All of these songs started on a floor somewhere, with my bible, my guitar, and a cup of coffee, with little Haley either napping or crawling nearby, and Lynnie growing away in utero. Once I played through the songs, I would run them past the worship team and then to the worship service. If they clicked and ministered to people, we included them on this CD.  This process took a couple of years, but was the perfect scenario for worship song writing. 

The most powerful thing about this CD to me is how the songs turned out to be so prophetic in my own life. When I wrote them, my life was humming along nicely. Upon the completion of the CD, my world crashed in. I suddenly found myself a single mom with one little girl and a second two months from birth. I was confused, frightened, and clinging to God for a future like nothing I had ever experienced. Now that you know those facts, take a close listen to the title song, "Here in Your Hand." It was basically a song wondering when it would be MY turn for pain. Well, it was just around the next dark corner. But as always, He was there as I rounded that corner.  And will always be.

One of the favorite songs on this CD is definitely "Friend to Friend," which I still sing almost every time I share my testimony. It was a "gift" I created for my friend Sue (Moomjean) Rhea after her best friend died of cancer. It has been used in countless funerals, and as comfort for greiving ones. Over the years, many people have asked, "Will you sing that at my funeral?" As the years have worn on, I have done just that. Heaven is filling up with wonderful souls. 'Good thing they are FINE with the Lord, longing for nothing, in glory unimaginable. 

The first time I heard Denny Bouchard (the producer) play his interpretation of "Mighty God," it seemed so different than the tone I'd recorded for him.  Denny's version was so much more alone and desperate sounding. I soon loved it...and I soon lived it. I can see now that God was teaching me things in His word that would keep my head above water when that giant storm threatened to drown me. He is good...the anchor for our souls, and the one place we can truly find rest for our souls.