About Us

Friends/Recommended Sites

Some people/businesses/resources that we highly recommend! 
(Many More to come!)

Brian Godawa has designed most of our CD and DVD covers, but he is also a film play write, producer, and voice of reason in the often godless world of Hollywood. Visit his site:  http://www.godawa.com/

Car repair
Everyone needs a good mechanic that in honest and true.  If you live in the Orange County area, we have one for you.  Our friend and brother in Christ, Ken Fox does terrific, timely and FAIR work.   Visit Ken's site: www.foxautocare.com/

Children's curriculum:
Our friend Craig Jutila has resources that are second to none.  See them all and learn about Craig's availability for speaking:

If you are looking for a photographer with not only and eye for beauty, but also a beautiful heart for the Lord, we have two friends who do just incredible work.  Both of these artists capture events, images, emotions and people in ways that are just beyond description. Visit their websites to see what I mean:
*Annette Biggers.
*Becky Lew: http://www.beckylewphotography.com/blog

Once again, you have to live in Orange County to take advantage of this connection.  If you do, we have to say, Dr. Josh Rorem and his team are the most amazing, gentle, fair, encouraging group of dentists and hygienists you could ever meet. Dr. Josh, literally changed the way my kids feel about the dentist...from horrified and terrified to completely relaxed.

Hair Stylist
I have been going to my sytlist, Emily Esposito for about 25 years now.  She not only takes great care of my hair, she has repaired several horrible jobs done elsewhere, always with a smile, and is a dear friend.  Find her at Legends Hair Salon in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA; ask for Emily

Jared at Final Say Printing http://www.onestopmailcenter.com 

CD reproduction
If you need large quantities done well, we've loved working with Darren Norton at Rainbo Records

Great local Coffee 
Patch Coffee is an amazing gathering place and coffee house run by my abundantly talented friend Deb Griffith. You have to check this place out.  Open mike nights!

Tires--(purchase, repair, rotate, balance, etc.) 
If you live in the area, we LOVE Patterson Tires in Santa Ana.  If you buy your tires from them, you can zip in and out for a rotation for free, and they'll patch up a nail hole/slow leak for $15.  We love these guys!