Dig Down Deep

We highly recommend this CD if you are just starting out your Jana collection with your preschoolers. Although these songs are also beloved by kids elementary and up, the lyrics in these songs are simple and super catchy--so your little ones will be singing them in no time, shaking their little finger as they proclaim, "Nothin', absolutely nothin can take God's love away" (from Romans 8).

To see the motions that really bring these songs to life, check out the companion Dig Down Deep Music and Motions DVD

This CD was recorded the summer that I was pregnant with Chandy. We had dozens of wonderful kids in and out of our house, switching between recording and doing gymnastics in our front yard. We just had a blast making this CD.

I was a little worried that we wouldn't be able to come close to the success of "Jump into the Light," but God has blessed us with great stories of how the songs have been sung and used all over the world.

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