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How to Download Music

If you have purchased downloads (either music or printable resources), you will be able to access them right after your order goes through. Here's how:

  1. At the end of the order process, when the transaction is approved, you will see a page thanking you for your order. On this page will be links to all your downloads. Just click the link for the product you want to download. When the download finishes, you will see a message at the bottom of the browser window, allowing you to open it. It will also be found in your Downloads folder. If you don't know how to find your downloads folder, Google the topic: where is the downloads folder in windows or where is the downloads folder on a mac.
  2. Your files can be downloaded any time by logging in to the My Account page on our web site and then clicking on the order. All your past orders can be found on the My Account page. As you view the invoice for the order, the links to the downloads can be clicked, the same way as described above. You can return to your order anytime to download your files again.

If you ordered one file, it is ready to use. If it's a PDF (a document) you can click it to open it. Adobe Acrobat is required to open a PDF. If you purchase a PDF and cannot open it, you might need to install Acrobat. A free download is available direct from Adobe. Click here to get it. If it's an MP3 (a music file) or an MP4 (video file), you can import it into iTunes or play it directly by double-clicking it. If you have Windows, it will open in Windows Media Player.

If you ordered multiple files, such as an entire album, the files will be zipped together. This means they are all in a compressed (.zip) folder. You double click the zip file to open it. You can then drag the individual files out to your desktop or another location. Once you do that, you can treat them individually, as described above.

If you purchased MP3 files and wish to add them to iTunes, just open iTunes and drag the files directly into your music library. They will be added to your library, and you can then use iTunes to sync them to your phone (if that's where you want them). For information on adding music to iTunes in Windows, click here. For information on adding music to iTunes on a Mac, click here.