There Will Come A Day

Favorite songs include "There WIll Come a Day," the soaring title track from the book of Revelations, "Gather in This House,"  "Child of Mine," "Day by Day," and "Though The Mountains," written by Jay Kehler, who passed away and is now with Christ.  Powerful and beloved in the worship community in its day, the  song "For the Love of the Cross," was written by David Lyon, a brother in Christ who also passed away the year before this CD's release.  Finally, "Child of Mine," is a ballad about Jana's young children growing up, and is a killer for mom's and dads.  It has been used in countless wedding slide shows, school graduations, Mother's Day events and the like.

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Every once in a while in life, I meet people who are generous beyond my wildest dreams. A couple I know from my days living in a Chicago suburb (Peter and Deb Biancini) became aware of the fact that that Ron and I had plenty of material for a new CD, but little funding. Without hesitation or expectation, they offered to PAY for it...ALL of it. This blows me away to this day.

Ron and I were married just before recording this CD. We were thrilled to fit into the busy schedule of John Andrew Schreiner, a very respected musician and producer (this was before Ron was producing). I got pregnant shortly into the recording process. I remember feeling "green" often. I'd record, eat, record and eat, record, eat...

One of the favorite songs on this CD is "Child of Mine." I've told the story behind it hundreds of times...I wrote it at the end of a typical mom day--when I had rushed the girls around all day. That evening, Haley was laying across me on the couch, and I looked at her feet. I was shocked to realize that any trace of "baby" in her had all grown away. Both that realization, and thinking of how I taken all the girls for granted that day made me reflect...and write this song. Often when I share this song, I have difficulty not getting choked up myself. These children are young for so short a can be incredibly crazy and exhausting with little ones, but these years are fleeting...and so precious.

"For the Love of Your Cross" is a beautiful song that was written by probably my favorite worship leader of all time. His name was David Lyon. He wrote this song when he was dying, and it brought me to tears every time he would play the first chord. David is with Jesus now, but I keep praying someone will come along and take this song to the world...David left behind a wonderful wife and four children.