Look Out Now

The fourth of Ron and Jana's children's CDs, Look Out Now is a hit! It contains so many favorites, it's difficult to mention just a few, but probably the top favorite is the surfy  "On the Board with the Lord". But kids wil not be disappointed with any of the songs on this CD, or will adults with the creativity and stylistic variety with each one. "Sweet Life" has kind of that New Orleans feel (interestingly enough, we wrote this song for Mariners Church's 2006 VBS and then went to New Orleans to minister to the children of a church there after hurricane Katrina, and this song was their theme as well).  There are straight ahead rock tunes like the power-packed "Standing on the Solid Rock," and "911 of My Heart," the techno-beat "Flyin' for the Lord," and country-ish "Let Go of What's Buggin' Me".  You just have to hear these to believe how fun and rich they are.

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Many of these songs were written as either theme songs for Saddleback Church's then VBS, called Summer Spectacular, where we proudly led the 3000 some kids in praise and worship for 9 summers. Then Children's Pastor, Craig Jutilla, had included these songs in his fabulous curriculum, which has grown into an incredible resource provider for children's leaders called Empowering Kids. Several more of the songs on this CD were written to coincide with Empowering Kids curriculum, which we were honored to do (911 of My Heart, Let Go of What's Bugging Me, Help Me See, Jesus, You're My Number One and Make that Change). 

“Goin’ to the River”--I remember back in high school as a new believer attending Young Life meetings, we sang a song that went “I’ve got a river of life flowing out of me….makes the lame to walk and the blind to see…” Remember that one? I love the truth of Jesus filling my life, flowing out of my life, being the source of my life and the inspiration for my life. Hence, this song about running to, diving in and swimming in the River of Life.


By the way, I love our band--so talented and loyal. [By the way, when creating the inserts for the CDs, I always fear accidentally leaving out someone important. I did just that…I accidentally left out our talented, brilliant, hilarious keyboard player of 9 years, Curtis Herron from the “Keyboard” credits. How could I? I'm so sorry, Curtis!]

Ron pulled out all the stops to make this CD sound amazing—with great players, (including a real brass section on “Sweet Life”), his amazing mixing and engineering, and fastidious attention to the smallest of detail, as is his style. I’m so proud of him…he slept very little and poured his heart, soul, and energy into this project. Silent, behind-the-scenes artisans like Ron are rarely acknowledged, yet they are so critical. I am so thankful for him.

The kids’ section was made up of our daughters Brittany (12) and Chandy (9) and a bunch of their friends. I love the genuineness of their young voices. They were troopers—they know from experience that studio work requires patience and perseverance….take after take after take.

We hope and pray that these songs will encourage kids to “Run to the River (Jesus)”, “Stand on the Solid Rock”, live like a “Knight in Armor” for Him, live “Better Together” within the family of God, “Look Out Now” for how they can serve others, let Him “Make that Change” in our hearts, and live the “Sweet Life” in Him. How great it is to live for our Lord God and praise Him!