Look Out Now

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This favorite CD contains wonderful songs by Ron and Jana like the hit surf/beach anthem, "On the Board with the Lord." Because many of these songs were written to coincide with VBS curriculums, they have unique thematic elements as in "Flyin' for the Lord,"(flight) "Knight in Armor,"(knights) and "911 of My Heart" (rescue). Your kids and church will get SO much mileage out of these super fun, creatively produced anthems of praise and worship. They can't help but rock out to "Standin' on the Solid Rock" or groove to "The Sweet Life." And the title song--Arg, mateys...get out that telescope and Look Out Now for how we can serve others around us with the love of Jesus.  

(See complete list of songs below):
01 Better Together
02 On the Board with the Lord
03 Goin' to the River
04 Knight in Armor
05 Flyin' for the Lord
06 Standin' on the Solid Rock
07 911 of my Heart
08 Look Out Now
09 Free to Fly
10 Make that Change
11 Sweet Life
12 Jesus, You're My Number One
13 Let Go of What's Bugging Me
14 Help Me See
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