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Livin LOUD 4 You Music Motions DVD

FLASH DRIVE version NOW ON SALE...regularly $25, now $20.

Filmed at Pacific Coast Church in San Clemente in HIGH DEF with two dozen terrific kids, this DVD is another wonderful resource for families and churches as kids sing along and do the motions to 12 new songs.  As with our other Music and Motions DVDs, the kids and Jana clearly show all the motions, and the lyrics can either be shown or not.  Great sound quality (a la Ron Alayra) and HD video for use on any size screen and sound system.  A new added feature on this DVD: for churches/groups who would like to "rip" the files into their viewing programs (i.e. Propresenter, MediaShout), the songs are now separated digitally to make that easy.  In fact, we now offering the files on a USB drive, for super easy transfer.  Approximately 40 minutes running time*.

*Labeled incorrectly as 45 minutes on the DVD cover.  One song was removed and we missed editing that info. 

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