Pray for Madalyn

UPDATE 10/11/2019: PLEASE KEEP PRAYING FOR MADALYN!  All was looking pretty good--she was in school and enjoying her nursing program.  She is sadly BACK in the hospital right now in Newport beach with severe headaches again, probably looking at another surgery.  Please lift her and her family up!  Thank you.


UPDATE 2/2019--Madalyn was able to leave the hospital in time for Christmas with her family!  She is back at school at Texas Christian University after sitting out a semester.  Her family was SO thankful for all of your prayers!  If the Lord brings her to mind, please continue to pray.  She still struggles with issues from the Chiari malformation and has a significant amount of fear that it will recur.

A quick prayer request, friends.  Many recognize sweet Madalyn Risser from several of our DVDs.  Kids all over the world who watch our DVDs often ask about her and just love her spunk and joy. We just love her--so does everyone who knows her!  Madalyn has been struggling with a condition in her brain known as a Chiari Malformation (difficult to describe--google it).  Most patients have a procedure done and find relief, but Madalyn has been in and out of the hospital since July!  Yesterday (11/25) she had her SIXTH surgery; this time to remove the shunt that had been inserted initially, now thought to be infected.  This poor girl has had excruciating headaches, fainting, severe that she's had to pull out of her freshman year in college at Texas Christian University.  She's a fighter and maintains a hopeful, positive spirit...but she and her entire family are exhausted.  Would you please, please join the many praying for her?  She will have another surgery this week (11/26-?) sometime to replace the shunt.  I can't imagine having this kind of pain and discomfort for essentially 5 months now.  Please pray for her, friends!  Thank you!! 

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