Happy Easter week...celebrating with you

[The sound cuts out a few small times on this video--but its easy to figure out what I'm saying :) ]

"Be still and know that I am God..." Psalm 46:10

 This is EASTER WEEK! (more posts to come this week)...a difficult, strange, but most likely powerful one indeed.

What a significant time this is...and I pray that as we are hunkering down, we are doing so with Jesus, drawing closer to Him, abiding in Him like never before, and CELEBRATING Him in your heart, with your family.  Take away all the eggs, candy, fancy dresses and activities (not that those are bad things), and maybe, just maybe we will see Easter for what it really is. Resurrection Sunday...where Jesus crushes the power of death and sin for us, Halellujah! I'm pretty sure this will be an Easter we will NEVER forget, and likely the most meaningful in a deep way.

Morning Kitchen Table Devotionals

I posted a little thought on Facebook Monday morning (dash the no make-up, the bad hair and the dark circles...who cares these days?), and one friend in particular said it encouraged her so much she asked if I would do one every day.  So, each morning this Easter week I'll be posting a 3-5 minute devotional thought.  And yep, I'll be wearing a headband every day.  Truth is out I'm not a "real" blonde anymore :) ...and until my sweet friend Emily can re-open her salon, it'll be headbands, hats and a high pony for me.

Click HERE for Monday's devo. from Joshua 4.

Click HERE for Tuesday's from Joshua 5. .  Others to follow this week can be found on my FB pages and on Youtube.  On Monday the sound cuts out on a few words, but you can easily figure out what I'm saying. (I used an older phone Tuesday and beyond). Regarding Monday's thought, if you have any ideas on how your family might make a "memorial" on the "other side" of this pandemic, please share. And let's keep our eyes open for how He is working, doing miraculous things, even in the midst of loss and tragedy for many. 

Making Masks

The governor of California and the mayor of Los Angeles are encouraging us to wear masks whenever we go out of the house now.  I'm don't think I'll go on runs with one of these on, but for everything else, yes. I haven't sewn in years, and so these are taking me a while and certainly lack in craftsmanship.  But it seems everyone needs these now, and its one simple way some of us stuck at home can help others.  I have enjoyed making some of mine with meaningful fabric that was sitting around for such a time as this.

Pattern and VIDEO TUTORIAL I used.  I know there are a LOT out there.

Online Facebook "Live" Concert Coming!

I asked on Facebook a few days ago if people would be interested in an online kids concert of some kind, and the response was overwhelming! I was hoping to get something done and posted during this precious week, but Ron is working almost non-stop on the online services for Pacific Coast Church through Easter.  So, we'll get something up post-Easter.  I'll be sharing details on Facebook.  I doubt we can pull off an actual "live" experience for several reasons, but I think we'll post it at certain times and i'll host the comments section.  I'll do a few shout-outs in the concert and all songs will be those requested in the FB comments.  So, if you have a request, let me know on my Musician's page or by email: orders@janaalayra.com

Another song on Youtube this week

Look for another Kids' song to be uploaded on my Youtube channel in the next few days:  "Oh, My Shepherd!"

Ron's Handiwork

Ron is one of those people, like most in ministry, learning new online ropes in the new, forced "online church" world.  He is doing the work of about 10 people, arranging the set, the lights, the sound, the graphics and organizing the volunteer camera operators (bless their hearts) for Pacific Coast Church's services online.  Yesterday's service was wonderful. The worship was beautiful and sounded great, and Mark's message (Holding the Line) was gentle, timely and powerful.  If you would like to check it out, click HERE.

Affirming the Invisible

I'm keenly aware because of Ron that those who serve behind the scenes in production day in and day out rarely get noticed or receive affirmation on the regular.  It would be a great thing to affirm those working so hard to pull off the services you are being blessed by.  And then "on the other side" of this pandemic, when we go "live" again, don't forget them.  They're always back there, quietly making things happen, even though you don't see them.

Services/Podcasts/Messages that have MOVED me recently!

There is SO much great content being pumped out into the www these days!  I trust you're digging in, resting in, and enjoying some of the bounty out there. Here are a few that have delighted my heart:

Super powerful message by Christine Caine (after the worship, etc). WOW!

John Mark Comer is such a voice today in the Christian world.  His church's daily podcasts are short and wonderful.  This one is probably my favorite so far: Stay in Your Cell...

Very interesting discussion on Hank Hannegraff's podcast with a priest who serves with the poorest nations in Africa...how they handle epidemics is very different from us.  Pray and don't panic.

"All Things New"  THIS BOOK!!!!  If you are an audiobook person, Oh, my goodness, will this one bless your soul.  It is read by the author, John Eldredge (The Sacred Romance, Wild at Heart), who has the gentle voice of a loving grandpa (he's probably my age), letting you in on the best things we could ever know...when Jesus restores everything, makes everything new when He brings His kingdom to earth.  I cried several times (for joy) and did NOT want this book to end. Our God IS making all things new...we can trust Him every minute, even during these trying ones...especially now. Paperback can be found also at Christianbook.com

Keep in touch, friends!  Have a WONDERFUL week celebrating Jesus!

Sincerely in Him,



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