LONG Overdue Blog!!!!

Oh, my goodness....I just realized it has been a YEAR since I've made a blog entry! I just posted 3 others, and I have half a dozen more to do soon, so please come back.  I guess I can only handle so much technology, and with my cellular device, e-mail and Facebook, that pretty much maxes out my quota. Our lives are already busy! Like this past year....it whizzed by! It was a great year, full of many opportunities to share the love of Jesus all over the place.  We thank God for each one of these blessed encounters, from singing with 25 children to 2500; from a single conversation to speaking and singing and sharing my heart with 1500 women.  

I'm always so engrossed at every one of these events. From the moment Ron and I pull up, through the concert and greeting time until we finally say goodbye to our hosts (usually to the sound of the ever-patient janitor jangling keys behind us). Unfortunately, the last thing on my mind at any event is taking photos!  SO many events have come and gone with nary a single photo!  My poor band--I have almost NO photos of them!  I have just a few photos to share with you here; most taken by people at concerts and either posted on Facebook or forwarded to me .  These are not in any chronological order.  Trust me, these represent just a smidgeon, a tiny drop in a bucket of blessings from the past year!



As you can see, even by these few photos, Ron and I LOVE what we do!  It is a lot of work, and in God's sovereign design, He gave both of us a lot energy (and thankfully, good health) for the assignment. We've been at this a while now. And guess what--it never gets old!!!  It is always a thrill beyond description to bring the joy of Christ to people, young and old.  It brings me to tears hearing stories from people like you who have been touched, encouraged, strengthened somehow by what the Lord has done through the songs He gave us.  I NEVER get tired of seeing little ones starting their lives praising the Lord by jump, jump, jumping to the Light, Light, Light, lifting their chubby little hands spontaneously at the dinner table and singing to the Lord one of our songs.  I am moved and encouraged when I meet teens (or now, even some in their twenties) who grew up on our music, they recall songs word for word, and remember those times with joy. I will be entering in a couple of blogs about this soon!

Although none of us can see the invisible work of the Holy Spirit, at times I believe the Lord gives us little windows, tiny tastes of what He might be up to, in order to fan our flames, whet our appetites for more of His goodness. These reminders fire us up to press on and serve Him with even greater passion. So to those of you who sent me the above photos, e-mailed, Facebooked or told me in person some cool thing the Lord did using our music, thank you!!

The Lord is worthy of more praise and admiration than we can begin to wrap our heads around.  But it is a beautiful thing to start where He tells us to start...with the heart of a child.  Have a great day, simply loving and praising Him.

Psalm 8:2  "From the lips of children and infants, You have ordained praise."
Psalm 33: 1...5  "Sing joyfully to the Lord...the earth is full of his unfailing love."

Because He lives!



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