Jesus is ALIVE!!!

I'm addicted to a radio program where a fantastic Bible teacher answers questions from callers about anything related to the Bible.  One day a caller asked, "What makes Jesus different than any of the central figures of other religions?"  And although he went on to elaborate, his initial answer, simple but profound, was "Because Jesus is a LIVING Savior.  Those other guys are dead." 
I gave that an audible "Yeah, that's right. Jesus IS alive."  He defeated death, crushed its power and gave us hope that goes beyond anything that could possibly attempt to crush or defeat us…even death itself.  His hope is real, His promises are real, His message of truth is real because He proved HE was the real deal. This is huge. 

If you and I had been there to see Jesus dead and laid in a tomb, and later talk to him, see his nail scarred hands, eat with him…we would be changed forever as the disciples were.  I know that even in my own life, when I encountered Jesus in a real and personal way for the first time, His love changed me forever.  His love is alive, real, powerful, eternal.  That truth needs to be shared with a hurting world, starving for His hope and truth and love.  That's why I wrote the song "Everybody, Everywhere" a few years ago.  The reality that Jesus is ALIVE validates everything He said and promised. This truth struck a nerve with me….and apparently with many around the world, too.  

I wanted to share a little montage of kids singing "Everybody, Everywhere!" just to brighten your day. There is just something heartwarming to know that kids are jumping on beds and running around coffee tables in their jammies shouting "Jesus is ALIVE!"  It brings tears to my eyes to see that half a world away, dear kids and brothers and sisters are filling churches and dancing their hearts out, celebrating our living Savior.

Our friend Kevin Martin of Grand Avenue Media put this together for us.  He wasn't able to use all of the clips we had because some of them just wouldn't work.  But there are many special images in here.  Be sure to notice the little girl in the pink beanie who shows up twice.  Her name is Anna and she is now with Jesus (passed away in 2015 from a brain tumor).  She knows WAY more than we do about how ALIVE Jesus is!  And right behind her a couple of times is a severely handicapped boy in a blue star shirt named Brandon who shines the love of Jesus in a way that takes my breath away.  There are kids in here from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Jamaica (Rio Bueno Baptist Church) and Kenya (By Grace Children's Home).  Many are from right here in the States.  But these kids represent kids and adults all around the world who are celebrating the matchless truth that Jesus is love and He is ALIVE!

I pray you celebrate His love this wonderful season, dear ones.  He came for you. And He is still here for you.

Talk to you soon!



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