Looking back and looking forward! Indo December 2017

I told you I was behind...this is a look back, and forward to Indonesia.

Last December (2017) we headed to Indonesia for another round of concerts, workshops, fellowship and adventure.  Each time we head over there, I get MORE excited...to reconnect with friends and meet new ones, to step into worlds of beautiful children with whom God so generously allows me the extreme privilege of being a voice and friend.  We had a packed itinerary as always and all these months later the memories are still vivid, even though I can't find some photos. But here are a few to serve as a little synopsis.

I was kind of wondering what Christmas would feel like over in Indo, where its always in the 80's both in temperature and humidity. I grew up in the Midwest and Christmas has always felt a little "off" in California because of the warm weather...even though that's not what Christmas is about.  I was kind of delighted to see tons of decorations everywhere in Singapore's Changi airport, and hear Christmas music being pumped in speakers everywhere just like here in the States.

Also all over Jakarta the classic Christmas songs were floating around inside coffee shops, grocery stores, malls, which kind of surprised me since its such a predominantly Muslim nation. I'm sure it wouldn't be that way outside Jakarta, which is very metropolitan. Its kind of nice that Christians there don't make NEARLY as big a deal of gift giving as we do here. They just get excited about celebrating the best day ever.  I really, really liked jumping into the season that celebrates Jesus... by celebrating Jesus in such a kid-filled way! 

Right away we connected with new friends from GBI OHCC (Olive Hotel Church), and had a blast putting on an outreach event & concert for the community.  I wish I had photos of the authentic Indonesian instruments they played for us--I forget what they call it--bamboo pipes all tuned to keys.  It was awesome. SO much prep and planning went into pulling that event together.  Check out this piece someone made celebrating the beauty of Indonesia and all that went into that wonderful evening. 

And here are a few photos of the great kids and people we met there. By the way, we're excited about plans to return there in 2019!

Next stop was to perform at Basilea Serpong Church with our friends in the Powerkids ministry. We LOVE them!! Man, do they know how to throw a party celebrating Jesus for the community.  Once again the house was packed with people from all over, and the Powerkids team put on a huge production for them. We added a 1/2 hour concert to the festivities. Check out photo of the altar call.   Wow, just wow.

Next we re-connected with our friend Debbie who heads up the children's ministry at the Basilea Menteng (the mother church for the giant one in the previous photos).  Debby is such a gifted minister to children.  I loved watching her teach them. I was so inspired to see the enthusiasm and involvement of the children, even though I couldn't understand but a word here and there. Debby and her family and team treated us to an authentic Indonesian meal, then we all had a wonderful time celebrating the Christmas gift of Jesus at Basilea Menteng.

One event I can't find photos for was a wonderful time we had with JPCC church in Jakarta.  They have a huge, growing church and their children's department invited us to give a workshop for their leaders who were all SO fun and full of life and love for kids and for the Lord.  I don't know who was more blessed, that team or me!  And Ron loved the soundboard (nice!)

The third component to this trip, and always a thrill for me--being invited to sing for kids at several Christian schools in the Jakarta area.  Its almost a surreal experience every time!  These beautiful kids on the other side of the planet know and love our songs (thanks to Youtube and the teachers who introduce them to us).  We just step in and have a blast--Ron running sound and I loving on hundreds of kids before and after we blow the roof off praising Jesus together.  Each of these schools provided me with a team of student leaders to help with the motions, which is always a huge blessing and joy.  I can only hope and pray that Ron and I nourish and encourage each of these kids' love for Jesus and passion to praise and serve the Living God.

We were at SDH Cikarang, then SPH Cikarang, and finally Springfield School outside Jakarta.  

It always SUCH a joy to serve the Lord with people like this team God has given us. They work SO hard to prepare the way in every way, and we are so grateful.  Three times now these women have worked tirelessly to create a week packed with events, and miraculously, they are already preparing for two more trips in 2019. Looking ahead!  My cup runneth over.  




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