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Jana Testimony


Will be available as a downloadable MP3 file soon.

We welcome you to view Jana's 40 minute testimony on her Youtube Channel 

This CD is a live recording of Jana speaking and singing at a MOPS meeting several years ago.  It is approximately 85 minutes long, and includes the 8 songs she sang at the event.  Some of those songs include "The Coffee Song," "My Mom's Hands," and "Child of Mine," among others.  

Note: New testimony CD will be recorded this year to update.  The basic story she shares is always the same, but the delivery, songs, and examples have changed over the years.  This CD is still a wonderful way to minister to people struggling with some of the issues Jana speaks about in her testimony--bulemia, infidelity, the loss of a child; as well as the extreme joys in life--friendship, children, the goodness of the Lord Jesus.

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