Toma mi mano (Childrens album in Spanish)

Great tool for learning Spanish and for mission trips!

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Finally, a CD of Jana’s songs translated into Spanish! “Toma mi Mano” contains 11 songs from Jump into the Light, Dig Down Deep and Believin’ On. The tracks are the same excellent production of the original English versions, with Jana singing the leads in Spanish, as well as the children and background vocals. We hope this CD will be a terrific tool for mission trips and local outreaches, as well as a daily blessing for families who love the Spanish language and enjoy teaching it to their children.

SONGS included:

Brinca en La Luz  (Jump into the Light)
Cristo es Rey  (Jesus Reigns)
Dia a Dia  (Day by day)
El es Dios  (He is God)
No, no, no hay nada  (Absolutely Nothin')
Pongo mis ojos en Ti  (Fixin' my Eyes on You)
Si Llueve Poquito (Rain or Pour)
Toda mi Vida  (All My Life)
Toma mi Mano  (Take My Hand)
Yo Luchare  (I Will Fight this Fight)
Yo Creo en Ti (I Do Believe)

Brinca en la luz
Cristo es Rey de Reyes
Dia a Dia
El es Dios
No, no, no hay nada
Pongo mis ojos en Ti
Si llueve poquito
Todo my vida
Toma mi mano
Yo luchare
Yo creo en Ti
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